We are one of Townsville's largest rod and custom car clubs! Cyclones Rod and Custom Car Club Inc consists of members who have a passion to enjoy, improve and show off their cars, while driving sensibly of course, so as to enjoy the club's social events calendar.



Our club does not mind what make, model or even type of car you have. We welcome all, as long as you promise to be an active member and participate. We all enjoy cruises around the city and to other towns.

We love a BBQ and social event and have monthly meetings.

Our annual Show 'n' Shine event is our big event, and usually held on the last Sunday in July each year. This year however, because of COVID, it is on 26th September at Jezzine Park. We usually have over 160 cars on display with many sponsors setting up trade stands. The public has free entry to look around (COVID dependant).

We make donations to selected charities, as we are a non-profit club. Read about our Show 'n' Shine underEvents.Why not join us? Come along to one of our monthly meetings to become a member.



Car Enthusiast

We are a group of like-minded individuals who love their cars. Some members have several. Your car can be anything. It could be a Chev Corvette or Chev Camaro. It may be a Ford Mustang, Thunderbird, Cougar or Holden.

It might be an Australian V8 icon like a Ford Phase 3 GTHO, XTGT or Holden Monaro. It might even be a hot rod or a special custom vehicle. You may not even have a car, just a passion to own one, one day. We welcome all and once accepted, you will have a ball. Families are welcome.

Become an Active Member

Our annual joining fee is quite low. We always ask for your input about how to improve our club and outings including where we can display our cars, where it might be best to get some particular work done or where to purchase that hard-to-get part.

Most of our members know someone who can help. They might even enjoy helping you themselves. After all, cars are our passion, our ride and for most, an investment.

Become a member today buy coming to our monthly meetings or our outings.


We have certain businesses that sponsor us and offer special discounts to our financial club members who have a Cyclones card. Club registration is available after your attendance at 2 meeting and at least 1 event. You must be an active member to obtain this and there are certain limits on when you can drive your vehicle, but this has gotten a lot easier in the last year or so. However, the rego is a lot cheaper if you don't use your car much.

Our club has bought new club clothing so that we all look the part: very smart-looking, three different shirts, as well as caps, hats and car flags to name a few. We always enjoy a get-together and always have a lot of fun, which generally does not cost a lot of money, as we have a lot of families.

Display your car at our annual Show 'n' Shine event. Look under Events for more information

Car Hire

Please be aware, as a club we do not hire out cars for Formals or for any other event. If you require a car, please attend one of our outings listed in our Events Calendar and asked the owners of the cars directly.

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